E-learning by doing

Facilitate the development of soft skills at any time and place through training in simulated situations with high quality feedback

What is Lernmi?

Lernmi is a new soft-skill training concept that allows you to train anywhere and at anytime with day to day situations

Our Mission and Values

We enable your teams to train their key skills at any time and in any place, giving them real day to day challenges

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desarrollar talento
Develop talent

Enhancing the key habilities of all your team members

garantiza resultados
Guarantees Results

"Providing follow ups and motivation to ensure that nobody abandons their development path

Encourages Efficiency

Enhancing learning in less time and less economic investment

feedback constante
Improves Tracking

Offering key information to grasp the level of your team members at anytime



Train with simulated day to day situations to enhance key skills


Provides constant feedback to improve your performance through Artificial Intelligence (AI) and highly qualified mentors

tipos de feedback

Follow up and quantification

Supplies key information about the level of competency and achieved development

Team Lernmi

We are professionls specialized in Development of Human Resources of Organizations with more than 20 years of experience in consulting projects, project development in competencies, and coaching executives and teams.

Lernmi's Dream Team is constituted of the Pedagogy Department with e-learning experts and the Technical Development Department.

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